• Worry-free bookkeeping and accounting.
    Challenged by the administrative side of your business? Teresa Brunner Consulting Ltd. can help.

Good Business Sense

Ease the pressures of bookkeeping and accounting. Teresa Brunner truly understands the pressures of your organization – time is at a premium, resources can be strained and keeping your financial records in order can add to your stress.

You can rely on Teresa Brunner Consulting Ltd. to carefully manage any or all aspects of your bookkeeping and accounting:

✓ Finding and retaining reliable bookkeeping and accounting services
✓ Selecting an accounting program
✓ Creating, organizing, and streamlining internal financial systems
✓ Accounting program conversions
✓ Training on bookkeeping and accounting systems
✓ Preparing year-end working papers
✓ Budgeting and cash flow

With over 30 years of experience, Teresa brings an absolute understanding of bookkeeping and accounting services for small businesses and sole proprietors, and can manage every detail of your bookkeeping and accounting systems. Trust Teresa's good business sense and let her use her undivided, focused attention to meet your unique needs.

“It’s true that my business is worry-free bookkeeping and consulting, however, that’s not my passion. My deeper purpose is to teach and inspire you to gain the confidence, skills and tools to achieve your goals and reach your dreams.” - Teresa
Womanition Magazine – Alberta North 2019, Page 99

Contact Teresa today to discuss your specific bookkeeping or accounting requirements – she'll be happy to work with you to find out exactly what your organization needs.

“Teresa is an asset to any business. She is very trusting and knowledgeable in her field. She has always been there for me to offer advice when I needed it most. She goes above and beyond.”Sherry S. Owner, Sole Proprietorship

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